Great cause and great for GA

Recently I had the opportunity, or crisis, of having some minor work done on my Cessna 340A at SeaLand Aviation Ltd. The guys there were incredibly helpful and during my brief repair, Aaron and the guys mentioned they were involved in TEENFLIGHT. This is where a group of high school students work with the Engineers at SeaLand to produce an experimental aircraft and auction it off. I thought the concept was terrific, but the plane is even nicer!! This type of training not only exposes the students to Aviation and Aircraft Maintenance (several are thinking of that as a trade now apparently), it also gives the next generation of General Aviation pilots a chance to get involved. This is something we need in spades to carry on the enjoyment of flying. The aircraft goes up for auction on April 1st. I encourage anyone thinking of a RV12, to have a look. It is a beautiful example and who wouldn't relish having a great plane with such a wonderful history behind it's construction. Please check out for more details. The Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. Team

Big Changes at Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd.

Well what a day this has been! Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. is no longer representing the new Textron Products. Have no fear, we are still your number one source for Pre-owned Aircraft! Also, we wanted to ensure our valued readers are told that we are expecting to make a change very shortly. Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. has some new and exciting opportunities on the horizon. Though it is being finalized, we will have an announcement very shortly informing everyone of the exciting changes. Stay tuned!! The Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. Team


Happy Valentine's Day to one and all from us here at Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. We hope you find something you LOVE our selection of new and used aircraft. The Calgary Boat & Sportsmen's Show was a blast. A schedule of this year's upcoming can't miss Tradeshows and Events will be posted shortly. Hope to see you all there.

Calgary Boat & Sportsmen’s Show

Don't forget we will be at the Calgary Boat & Sportsmen's Show all weekend!!!!!  Come down and join us.We have all the information you need whether you are an experienced aviator or just starting out. Learn about the newest innovations in the aviation world or see what's for sale in the used market. Whatever your question, Kathy or Mike will be on hand to answer it. If soaring through the airways in your own plane has always been your dream, now is the time to chase that dream and make it a reality."The sky is the limit" as they say. Perhaps you have an aircraft but it does not fit your mission profile anymore. We can match you up with an aircraft that will meet your needs, whether for business, personal use or both. Take a minute to stop by and see what's new!!!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!  

New Year, New Plane?

First and foremost, from all of us at Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd., we hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and you are looking forward to the dawning of the New Year. We were disappointed to hear that Santa did not deliver new aircraft to all of the pilots out there. Because of this, we are happy to announce that we have a great line up of new and pre-owned aircraft for sale. Are looking for a large twin like a Cessna 421, 414 or 310 to do some long range flying with folks? Maybe a smaller single is more your mission profile like a Cessna 182, Cherokee 140, Piper Arrow or a G1000 equipped Diamond DA-40. Moving up from your current single and looking for high altitude performance? What about a Mooney 231 or Turbo Arrow. Both are very capable airplanes and are great for flying over the mountains or operations in high and hot conditions. What about a speciality plane? A Grumman Widgeon or Cessna 185. Both are rugged and allow for lots of backcountry exploration, not to mention being off the charts on the "coolness" scale. But what if you are looking for something to haul a little more gear or people. How about stepping up to the ultimate airborne SUV, the amazing Cessna Caravan. We have two to choose from, a 2008 Grand and a 2013 Amphib! What about the ultimate experience, a brand new aircraft, right from the factory! We can take care of that too. Whatever your mission profile will be for the upcoming year, Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. can help you to get into the right plane and get the most out of your flying in 2017. Happy New Year and Happy Flying

Cessna 421 – Still a mini airliner

What if you could fly and own your own airliner for the price of a luxury car. Now you can! Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. has for sale a 1968 Cessna 421. This aircraft has some amazing features including long range fuel, pressurized cabin, twin engine safety and a great avionics suite. The ability to fly over the weather in pressurized comfort is worth the price. No need for you our your passengers to wear oxygen masks or stay low in the bumps. Pressurization allows you to fly where the air is smooth and the traffic is minimal. I know, because that is exactly why I bought a pressurized airplane.....and why you should too.

Cessna 172 Delivery to Alaska by Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd.

At Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. we have Buyers from all over the world purchasing used aircraft. Recently, we executed the sale of a 1980 Cessna 172N to a flight school in Alaska. As is the case with most transactions, everything went smoothly, but how to effect the delivery? Unfortunately, the Seller had lost his medical and the Buyers were unable to ferry a Canadian registered aircraft to the US. We jumped at the chance to assist in the delivery to the new owners. A ferry was set up to fly the aircraft from the Springbank Airport (CYBW) to Anchorage, Alaska. The route was chosen to take advantage of the early fall stable weather, but as they say, "best laid plans". [caption id="attachment_1781" align="alignleft" width="300"]Jasper Jasper[/caption] The aircraft departed Springbank on a Friday. The flight to Hinton, AB, at the foothills of the Rockies was easy and uneventful. Even with no autopilot, the plane flew well and the pilots enjoyed a scenic flight. The next leg through the Jasper area was equally scenic and until just outside Prince George, BC, relatively simple. Then the rain came. Low ceilings around Prince George had the pilots staying low under the cloud deck and the arrival was just in time. The airport socked in just after landing and stayed that way for a couple hours. Clearly the weather was not in keeping with the pilots hopes to keep moving, so they enjoyed a nice lunch at the terminal building while waiting out the storm. Just as quickly as it moved in, the clouds parted and the aircraft was airborne headed west to Terrace, B.C. [caption id="attachment_1782" align="alignright" width="300"]Flying the valleys Flying the valleys into Terrace[/caption] The route to Terrace was scattered with clouds and necessitated some careful negotiation of valleys to ensure clearance from the weather as well as terrain. Winds in Terrace, gusting 35 kts right down the runway, saw a very short arrival and roll out of the little Cessna. A quick fuel stop and airborne again for the overnight stop in Prince Rupert, B.C. A beautiful spot, but no 100LL, so ensure you have enough fuel for your next leg. A great dinner in the hotel restaurant and off to bed. Airtime, just over 8 hours. No aircraft may enter the United States without clearing US Customs, and sold aircraft are no exception of course. We were assisted with clearance by the very helpful folks at WJ Byrnes, a very professional brokerage we have utilized for a number of clients. The crossing point was to be Ketchikan, AK. It is on the west coast, just inside the Alaska Border and only a short one hour hop from Prince Rupert. The landing on the elevated runway on the side of the valley wall, was a highlight of the trip for the pilots. Customs clearance took 8 minutes, thanks to the folks at US Customs and the pre-work conducted by WJ Byrnes. [caption id="attachment_1783" align="alignleft" width="300"]Ketchikan, AK. US Customs port of entry. Ketchikan, AK. US Customs port of entry.[/caption] Next stop Stika. A cute village on an inlet off the pacific. The friendly folks at the FBO helped with fuel and snacks to keep our intrepid pilots moving forward. Unfortunately, the scattered clouds and uncertainty around 100LL availability made the next leg concerning. A quick call to a couple of local pilots confirmed fuel was available and the weather was VFR, so the plane was airborne once more, headed for Yakutat. [caption id="attachment_1787" align="alignright" width="225"]Flying over a Glacial lake Flying over a Glacial lake[/caption] There were some low ceilings and clouds to be avoided, but once back along the coastline, the pilots stumbled upon Glacier Bay National Park and it's amazing glacial lake. A quick trip over the lake and up over the nose of the glacier, revealed stunning vistas, not done justice by the small camera. Once down in Yakutat, the pilots were helped with fuel and marveled at the large ramp holding everything from a Piper Cub on tundra tires to a Citation V jet. This was a pretty diverse ramp of airplanes considering the location. A great airport, but there was one more leg to travel. Flying to Anchorage, pilots can choose the western route, which takes the aircraft north in Canada to Yellowknife before negotiating the high terrain around Anchorage and entering from the east. The route flown traces along the coastline and into Anchorage via a famous landmark. With good weather and amazing views (including a quick hop over a glacial lake), the aircraft negotiated the Whittier Pass. [caption id="attachment_1791" align="alignleft" width="225"]Heading up the valley to Whittier Pass Heading up the valley to Whittier Pass[/caption] The pass is a spectacular flight into a glacial fed bay then a sharp right through a short valley pass, finally opening up to the bay outside Anchorage. Weather was perfect until the final push over Anchorage. As any Alaska pilot can tell you, the weather in that part of the world can, and does, turn nasty very quickly. Lowering clouds forced the 172 down to VFR minimums, but incredibly helpful controllers in Anchorage and the city itself helped guide the pilots to a safe landing and successful delivery. After shut down and a showcase of the plane to the new Owners, the rain descended and the airport went zero/zero. Luck was on the side of the pilots once again, the weather had held for them. The new Owners were very excited to see their new aircraft. They marveled at the trip the pilots related and were very grateful that they could add another aircraft to their fleet. They continue to utilize their school to train the next generation of Alaska Bush Pilot.  

Move up to a pressurized twin!

I can tell you from experience, there is no better way to fly privately than in pressurized comfort, over the weather. It is why I purchased my pressurized twin. Now, Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd can offer that opportunity to someone else. We have a listing for a fantastic 1968 Cessna 421. This aircraft is an amazing price and an impressive aircraft. With low time engines, a full log history (digital logs are at the bottom of the ad) and a very well equipped avionics panel, you will be able to skip the airlines and travel in style. Flying over mountains or getting over the weather? No problem and no oxygen mask required. This is the ultimate in personal transportation aircraft. Don't miss this opportunity to get into an amazing pressurized twin Cessna at an unbelievable price!

Congratulations to our very own, Kathy Wrobel!!

Dear Prairie Aircraft Blog Readers, Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd is so very pleased to let you know that our President, Kathy Wrobel, was awarded the Saskatchewan Aviation Council's Industry Service Award last evening, October 27th, 2016, at the 2016 Wings of Saskatchewan Conference and Trade Show. We are very proud to have Kathy recognized for her tireless efforts promoting aviation in Saskatchewan and please join us in congratulating her on this very prestigious award. Thank you, The Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. Team

Fall is here!!

The weather in Western Canada is changing with the leaves, the crops are almost off and we have even had our first snow fall. For some pilots, this means putting the plane away for a long winter nap. For the majority of pilots, winter ushers in performance enhancing cooler weather, stable air masses and spectacular views. As a pilot myself, my favourite time to fly is winter. Less turbulence and greater performance, what more could you ask for. If you have been searching for a plane, this is also a fantastic time to buy. Perhaps a Mooney 231 with TKS would work for your mission. Great flyer and deicing equipment make this a terrific aircraft. Perhaps you would rather get above it all in a twin. We have a very nice Cessna 310R Turbo. 6 place cabin and built in O2. A great long distance hauler. Another great plane just listed is our Turbo Arrow. New interior and a great IFR platform for days when high pressure is not forecasted. Or maybe you just want to buzz around the snow laden land. A Cessna 172RG would be the perfect machine for that. If those listings don't give you the purchasing bug, keep watching our pre-owned inventory for upcoming additions of: Cessna 182, Cessna 172, Piper Arrow, Cessna 414 and Piper Cherokee. All of these aircraft will be listed in the coming weeks. Don't shy away from winter flying. It is a great time of year to get out and enjoy flying, wherever it may take you.