How did the Cessna Caravan get approval for single engine Instrument Flight Rules with passengers?

The approval was based on numerous studies, which confirmed – without a doubt – that the turboprop PT6 engine was just as reliable as a twin engine aircraft.

What makes the Caravan as safe as a twin engine aircraft?

The reliability of the PT6 engine makes it extremely safe, plus the aircraft is equipped with numerous redundancy systems such as emergency power lever, alternate power system, standby flap system, and fuel pump reliability.

Is the Caravan really as good as they say in rough terrain?

The Caravan’s flexible design is perfect for grass, gravel and even rough airstrips. Its durable landing gear consists of a main gear, which is a massive steel tube linked directly to the fuselage. The Caravan’s nose gear is engineered to absorb both vertical and lateral forces by transmitting the impact to the fuselage. Large, rough-field tires also contribute to the Caravan’s rugged flexibility.

How is the Caravan in bad weather? How does it resist icing?

The new TKS Anti-Icing system was engineered for the Caravan to enhance its safety. The system supplies fluid through porous titanium panels on the leading edge of the wings, propeller, windshield and tail to keep critical surfaces clear of ice with no loss of performance. The Caravan delivers high-performance – even when the temperature drops.

How many hours has the family of Caravans flown?

11,000,000 flight hours. And counting.

There’s a saying in the aviation world: “No one gets fired for buying a Cessna.” The Cessna Aircraft Company has been around for more than 80 years – and we’d like to think we’ve picked up a thing or two about safety along the way. Like most of our aircraft, today’s Caravan has evolved through years of meticulous quality testing and pilot feedback. Flying today’s Caravan offers you a wide variety of benefits: more favorable insurance premiums and lower costs of ownership – just to name a couple. But most importantly, our relentless efforts to improve safety give you peace of mind and confidence when you take to the skies.

Does the Caravan have a state-of-the-art avionics system?

Cessna is highly skilled at cockpit organization. The Garmin G1000 glass cockpit integrates all primary-flight, engine and sensor data into a digital navigation display to provide intuitive, at-a-glance situational awareness. So put away those clumsy books and charts and enjoy all of the ease and benefits of flight in a paperless cockpit – the way it was meant to be.

How do I compare the Cessna Caravan to my existing aircraft or do a route cost?

Give us a call and we will do a complete performance and cost comparison between the Caravan and your existing aircraft for you – you will love to hear the results!

How do I find out more about the Caravan and if it will work for me?

Just call  1-877-791-4600 or 403-286-4277 or send us a note on our Contact US page.