Whether your mission is to move freight or provide airline service, for personal, corporate or amphibian, the Caravan is fully equipped to meet all of your needs. The Caravan’s versatility starts with a timeless high-wing design that offers many practical benefits, including greater stability, superb visibility, sun blocking and inclement weather protection. The high-wing design also results in a simplified preflight inspection and easy access to pilot, passenger and cargo doors. And, like our traditional high-wing single engine aircraft, the Caravan is constructed with durable aluminum, making it easy to maintain and repair, with no life limits on its airframe.

But our proven combination of function and design doesn’t stop there. The Caravan’s reliable wet-wing tanks hold 2,248 lbs (1,270L) of fuel between the front and rear spar, increasing its range.

When it comes to how the Caravan is used, the word “versatility” just does not say enough!

How do you design an aircraft to do almost anything?

Start with a large square cabin, add a spacious flat floor and a door large enough for a loaded pallet. All these features make the Caravan your best choice for almost anything. Here are some of the many jobs the Caravan can do:

  • Search and rescue
  • Corporate shuttle
  • Express freight (Fedex)
  • Medivac
  • Photo mapping
  • Geophysical exploration
  • Tourism
  • Missionary services
  • Mail delivery
  • Hunting and fishing trips
  • Prisoner transport
  • Family vacation
  • Regional airlines
  • Border patrol
  • Personal and corporate transport
  • Oil and natural gas pipeline inspection
  • Maritime patrol
  • Power line patrol
  • Birddog for fire patrol

Express Freight (Fedex): Caravan is staking its claim in the world of freight delivery. Every month, more than 1,600 Caravans log more than 71,000 hours – that’s more than half a billion miles since the Caravan first took off more than 20 years ago.

Federal Express operates more than 250 Caravan Super Cargomasters. This model’s low-operating costs and large useful-load capability assists Federal Express with providing affordable overnight service to small communities around the world.

Regional Airlines: Utilized by airline operators worldwide because of its adaptability, reliability and just plain money-making potential, the Caravan is a terrific business tool for providing smaller, underserved markets with economical transportation. A Grand Caravan can accommodate up to nine passengers and two pilots. Yet the Grand Caravan can turn a profit transporting as few as four passengers – so each additional passenger adds to your profit margin. All Caravan models offer the low maintenance costs and low fuel consumption of a single-engine aircraft, stretching your investment dollar further as you take your airline farther.

Hunting/Fishing trips: As the largest single-engine aircraft built on floats today, the Caravan float plane is, by far, the ultimate amphibian. After all, there’s a vast world out there waiting to be explored – and your adventurous spirit shouldn’t be limited by the wheels on your aircraft. Seaplane-exclusive floats are also available.

Plus, you can configure the Amphibian any way you’d like – high- or low-density, passengers, cargo or a combination of both. If your mission changes mid-trip, you can change out or remove the Amphibian’s seats quickly. Most importantly, you can haul thousands of pounds of payload at more than 155 knots (285 km/hr) for more than 500 nautical miles (925 km) at a fraction of the cost of a turboprop twin.

Corporate Shuttle: As a business shuttle, the Caravan is the unequaled king of the sky for cost-efficiency, flyability and the transportation of people and cargo within a 500-nautical-mile (925 km) radius. When hard-earned personal time comes your way, your Caravan’s more than up to the challenge of playing hopscotch along an island chain or hauling gear and guests to the mountains. You and your crew will start to unwind the second you climb aboard in the sumptuous comfort of the Oasis interior.