One day away from Valentine’s Day!  I bought my other half a red STARS sweatshirt, can’t go wrong with that!

I know it has been a while since I caught up with you. There are some changes with us this year, all good changes that will be better for our customers overall. I am excited about 2016 as I feel it will be a very good year.

Have you been thinking about selling your aircraft?  If so, now is the time. Take advantage of the low Canadian dollar, it really makes a difference. Remember that aircraft are always valued in the US dollar, so if you have an aircraft that you are not using and have been unsure if you want to sell, it would be a good time to move it.

Call us and we can assist in the sale for you.

Looking for a new Cessna Piston Aircraft? We have aircraft at the factory ready to go.  New Skyhawk, Skylane,Stationair, as well as the TTX.  There are EX Caravan’s and the standard 675 Caravan.

Have a look at our events page to see where we will be over the next few months and please come and see us.  We have a few of our new 2016 Calendars left, I am giving them away at the next few shows till they are gone. Our next show will be the Red Deer Sports show at the end of this month.  We did a feature on Fly in Fishing lodges this year. It is a very pretty Calendar.  Any suggestions on what to do for next year?  If you do shoot me an email and let me know, would love to hear any ideas.

We have some great aircraft for sale on our Pre-owned sales.  There are a couple of Mooney aircraft, and a next to new T206 Stationair that is perfect, just to name a few.

We had a great show at the Calgary Boat Show, thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi at our booth.  It was great to catch up with the other Vendors attending the show like Andrew Lake Lodge, (who happens to be our Calendar Cover for 2016) as well as many great lodges and fishing locations. There was great activity on the Boat sales and had a visit with Gibbons Motor Toys, and as always my favourite the Albert Birds of Prey.

Keep an eye on the web page over the next few months for some exciting changes for us and we are looking forward to working with you over the summer and the coming Months. I will fill you in again soon, I promise not to be gone so long next time, (I hope).

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